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Restaurant staff training management consulting cambodia
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A specific service staff training program in English. Especially designed for Khmer Staff and customized for each property, this is a comprehensive program that will enable them to go from good to better service, a modular training about the fundamentals of hospitality in order to improve the customer experience, increase suggestive selling and additional sales. The better the service, the higher the sales, and profit!


  • Menu Engineering or Menu Mix Management
  • Pyramid of sales and profit: Key indicators related to products and traffic
  • Sources of volume and profit: sell more products; sell products that provide higher yield
  • Calculation of breakeven point and additional gross profit for a promotional action
  • Customers survey, behavior and satisfaction on several levels
  • Point of sales communication and the internet 
  • Merchandising and communication on the point of sale: improve the function of the tools used in line with customer behavior, volumes and sales targets
  • Retain customers, gain new ones and increase their frequency of visits
  • Marketing Plan