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I do not claim to be an expert in English and French, but I promise you flawless language. As for the analysis of sales and profitability I know the subject 



Your communication will perform better when it is written in better English. Spelling, vocabulary or grammatical mistakes are unacceptable. It is the image of the place that is involved. Some people might think that those who don’t care about the language probably don’t care about quality, hygiene, customers… 

Below are just a few examples… 


I can do: correcting and improving the English of your posters, leaflets, flyers, menus, outdoor signs… 

You send me your text in English or in French (or a pic of the document before printing) by mail (tp@service-attitude.com) or by Facebook Messenger and you’ll receive the correct text back the same way

  • Long texts must be typed on a .docx or a .pdf document
  • The longer the text, the higher the price and the longer the delay. 
  • Rates depends on the time spent: 
    • Free and reply within a day for a short sentence or a few words (less than 1/2 hour)
    • More than 1/2 hour = 9 dollars/hour 
  1. You send me the document
  2. We agree upon the cost estimate
  3. You send me the money through Wings or True Money
  4. I sent you the correct document 



Upon your request, I send you one page of simple vocabulary (in Khmer, English and French) that your staff is most likely to hear from or to answer to your customers. like:

I also suggest a number of short sentences and vocabulary (in English) that must not be used by the staff and the correct ones such as:

  • “brother” instead of “Sir”
  • “Do you want?” instead of “Would you like?”
  • “One more?” instead of “Would you like another one?”

One page or more upon your request. As simple as efficient and at a very low cost  



A post on Facebook for your business is supposed to attract (new) customers and to create a venue. However, we often see too many posts that are personal and/or target friends or customers who already know your place. Businesswise, this is usually useless 

Let say one of your target are people looking for a place to celebrate a birthday or a family event. Your post must mention first that you have an appropriate offer for that, then describe what could be attractive for this target on your premises, more than at competitors 

As for your printed communication I can write the text in English and/or in French according to the information you provide to me before you post on Facebook or elsewhere 

Logo facebook

The post must be short, a few lines (people don’t like to read)

Alternate the themes of your messages according to other targets like people who are looking for a place to organize a seminar or a business meeting, or couples who would like to dine in an quiet environment, or friends who want to have a party 

Of course, every word is important and any information must be useful. It is not good enough for a message to be liked, it must incite to action like a phone call, a message, a visit  



If you have a POS cashier system you probably do all that is mentioned below, but if you just keep track of your sales and expenses with a pen and a notebook I can help 

Basic information is about the total number of customers and the volume of sales per day over the period in year n and in year n-1 so we can track the evolution in $ and in %  

Same for the expenses. On a monthly basis because it needs more time to write-off the expenses. Let say you buy a one liter bottle of vodka, you’ll have to sell some 20 shots from it and it will take several weeks before the bottle is empty and the profit is in the cash drawer 

  • You send me these figures every day
  • I create an Excel file and plug them in real time with updated totals and variation in $ and % vs year n-1
  • Thus, upon request, you can have a daily report of your sales 
  • And I create a monthly report including all expenses (they can be split in different categories like food, beverage, supplies…) so that you get both gross margin and gross profit over the period  

For this tool the cost estimate depends on the number of items your have, but the price will not be high 


If, in addition to the sales and the number of customers, you have the quantity sold and the food cost per item, we can then step up in a more complete and useful tool, Menu Engineering or Menu Mix Management. In the example below there are just a few lines, it doesn’t show the categories of products, the subtotals and the grand total 

Menu Engineering

* SR = Stike Rate. It is a ratio (number of each item sold per 100 guests) that helps compare the performance of each product and their contribution to Sales & Profit 

Once the Menu Mix Management table is completed, the grand total figures on the bottom line will feed the end-result graph which is the Pyramid of Sales & Profit. Cf. the example below 

Sales & Profit Pyramid

You can then manage your activity

  • Develop the sources of volume and profit: sell more products; sell products that provide higher yield by using merchandising and communication at the point of sale and suggested sales by the service staff 
  • Set up an action plan to retain customers, increase their visit frequency, and gain new ones 

N.B. In these examples the VAT does not appear. It can of course be integrated into the model and  therefore deduced, product by product, in order to obtain “net” figures 

For this tool the cost estimate will depend on the time spent which can be long